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9.) Costs involved. 9.) Costs involved.

As a prospective au pair, you also need to be aware of other financial costs involved in preparing your au pair application. For example, if you go through an agency,(and depending on your destination country) you may need to provide translated versions of all your au pair application documents. It is therefore important to choose your destination countries and au pair agencies with all this in mind.

Back in the days, when I was preparing my au pair application for France, I had to have my final high school certificate and medical certificate translated into French. I was fortunate to have one of my French translation professors accept to do the job for free, as this would have meant more financial expenses for me.

Lastly, do remember that, aside from the non refundable application fee paid to agencies, you will also need to include fees that your bank will charge you for the wiring the money to the au pair agency.

Step 10: Checking Your Mailbox: Regularly!

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