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10.) Consult your on line mail account or snailmail box regularly! 10.) Consult your on line mail account or snailmail box regularly!

And by regularly, I mean check your mailbox something like every two or three days. One very common mistake made by on line au pair applicants is to assume that all they have to do is to register their au pair profiles on line, and voilĂ ! All the rest will flow automatically! (Un)Fortunately, it's not that magical!

Think of your au pair profile as a little plot of land where you have just laid out your foundation. If you do not come back regularly to lay your bricks, you will not make any progress towards having a fully built house.... The same applies to your on line au pair profile: if you do not log in regularly to check your mailbox or to see which potential host families have been showing interest in your au pair profile or to prompt potential host families to view your au pair profile, believe me, nothing will happen!

This brings us to the end of this Road Map...I hope it marks the beginning of your super motivated and super organized au pair host family search.

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